Welcome to our About Us page

 Here you can find how our site was founded and how it all works behind the scenes. Our website has been offering free GTA money to the public for over a year now (Founded February 2015) and we are still going strong. We have no intention of stopping and we are looking to bring support to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto games.

We have seen many online generators and tools you can simply download and inject to the game but these always seem to cause issues down the line, in-fact 1 in 3 people get penalized or banned from using such tools. Unlike these tools we are very pleased to let you know our service has not yet caused a single account to be banned / penalized and we are very proud.

How did it all start?

We are all big GTA fans and have been since the latest release being GTA 5, we have worked our socks off to get our service to a point where we are very happy and pleased to let people take part. We understand how annoying it can be when everyone else is cheating to become famous on GTA so it’s now your chance.

We created this cheat back in February 2015 and have been growing stronger and bigger since our launch. We did think about releasing a RP hack but after reading in to that sort of online cheat it seems it carries a big risk so we decided to leave it out for the time being until a more secure and safe cheat is available.

As stated on the home page our GTA 5 money cheat is the safest around and hasn’t caused a single account to get banned or penalized in any form whatsoever, we have had many people use our service more that once and even those users did not experienc eany problems down the line. We won’t say 100% percent as it’s out of our hands but from our experience GTA online turn a blind eye to money cheats such as ours and focus more on RP hacks.

A little about our team

It’s always nice to know about the team you are receiving your GTA 5 money cheat from so I will be explaining briefly what it’s like at FREE GTA 5 Money.COM. We are a team of 4 people who all have a worrying addiction to GTA 5. We noticed how many fake GTA 5 money generators were on the market so decided to create our own one.

Luckily we have a coder on our team who was able to create packages that deliver after a human verification is completed. The money is also classed as legit compared to the majority of fake injection cheats which usually get discovered by Rockstar cheat prevention system.

We love to help people out and become famous on GTA 5 that’s why we offer five packages, you can simply apply a boost to you account with a 1 MIL package or if your looking to go “all out” you can select our 50MIL package which will get you more then enough on GTA Online. I mean who wouldn’t want one of those beautiful Yacht to show off to your friends online and the best thing about it is they will never know you used our hack because it leaves no traces. So what are you waiting for get involved!